SNAPCHAT ON WINDOWS – Tutorial | WORKING August 2018

SNAPCHAT ON WINDOWS – Tutorial | WORKING August 2018

Is your phone broken? Don’t want to lose your streaks? Follow this simple tutorial to run Snapchat on a Windows PC. Laptop, Desktop or tablet, it doesn’t matter it will work as long as you have Windows installed. For the camera to work, you will obviously need a web camera or a program like Xsplit to fake a camera. Did I mention that you can screenshot without any notifications using this program? Anyway, you can.


Snapchat is actively trying to stop this from working, because of this you COULD be banned for 12-24 hours. However, it is rare and I have never been banned. Because of this the APK linked in the tutorial might stop working. If it does, I will find a new and update the link in the tutorial. 

Let’s get started.

Required programs

The main software required is NoxPlayer, you find a download link for that here:

You will also need a Snapchat APK. You find a working APK here:                                                                                                      DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS YET!

Install NoxPlayer

Simply press on nox_setup.exe to start the installation process.

When a window comes up and asks you if you allow the program to make changes to your computer press:


After that you need to decide if you want to install NoxPlayer in the default location or change the install directory. I recommend to leave it at default for beginners. You can change location by pressing: 


If you want to leave it at default ignore the step above and just click:


A tutorial will appear when the install is done, click:

Skip Tutorial


Download the Snapchat APK

Click on the browser in the app player. When it’s open, go to the search bar and enter: then press enter. It will download automatically.

Go to the top bar in in Nox (top left) where the arrow appeared. Drag it down and click on the long text.

After that click:






Log into Snapchat just like you normally would.

You are done!

Let’s snap!

How do I screenshot?

To screenshot secretly, just screenshot the emulator on your Windows machine like you normally take a screenshot. (Normally you simply press a screenshot button on your keyboard).

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