Move a STEAM Game to a different folder/disk

Move a STEAM Game to a different folder/disk

Games are constantly getting bigger in file size. You might be running out of space on your standard hard drive/SSD but don’t worry! You can move your steam games to a secondary disk using a program called Steam Mover. This will save all your progress and you will not have to re-download. This is a life saver for people with slow internet or data caps! It might take a while to move the game but will not take as long as downloading it again. SSD’s will speed up the process. I will show you how to do it in this tutorial.

Let’s get started.

Required programs

Steam Mover is required to use this automated, simple method. You find the official download here:

Start moving

Simply double-click on the .exe file you just downloaded. 

You will get a window that looks like this:

Move a game:

If the program isn’t listing all your games, like in the image above. You will need to change the “Steam Apps Common Folder” path. To do this click on the three dots “…” button. When you have clicked on the button, locate your actual steamapps folder. Make sure that the path ends with \common\ like in the image.

When you have fixed the path is should list all your steam games like this:

Now you need to select a folder that you want to move your game to. To do this click on the three dots “…” button next to “Alternative Folder”.

I put my folder on my desktop and named it “SteamGames” like this:

You can put it where you want it and even move it to a different hard drive/SSD.

The last step is to select a game you want to move then press the blue arrow in the bottom left corner. It will start moving automatically.

You are done!

Now just start your game like you normally would do.

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