Create an Ubuntu Server 18.04 Virtual Machine on Windows

Create an Ubuntu Server 18.04 Virtual Machine on Windows

Do you want to experiment with a Linux Server environment? Maybe you want to learn more about it, need it in your education or simply need it for some applications to run. A virtual machine is a great, free way, to do this with minimal effort. A virtual machine with virtualbox also gives you the option to backup your virtual machine before you try new things out. Thanks to this you can easily restore it without having to redo everything again. I am going to cover basic Linux stuff in this tutorial series and I am open to suggestions.

This specific tutorial will teach you to create a virtual machine with Ubuntu Server 18.04 installed. However, other version will have a very similar set up process. I am running the virtual machine on Windows 10 PRO, however it works on normal Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7. There is no cost to this tutorial, both Ubuntu and Virtualbox are free official downloads.

Let’s get started.

Required programs and files

Download Ubuntu Server 18.04 from this site:

You will also need to download Virtualbox here:

Install Virtualbox

Simply click on the Virtualbox setup file that you downloaded to start the installer.

During the install process click:


Next (You can change the location for the install if you want to.)

Next (You can untick all the boxes if you want to.)





Create the Virtual Machine

To create a virtual machine follow these steps:


Enter a name. Change “Type” to Linux. “Version” to Ubuntu (64-bit) Then click Next.

Decide how much RAM you want it to be able to use. Then click Next. I will assign 4096 MB of RAM. Make sure you don’t assign all your RAM!

Select “Create a virtual hard drisk now”. Them click Create.

Select “VDI” and click Next.

Choose “Dynamically allocated” if you want it to dynamically allocate disk space. Chose “Fixed size” if you want it to allocate everything at once. After that click Next.

Assign the amount of storage you want to give it. Then click Create.

Install Ubuntu Server on the VM

Follow these steps:

Right click on the virtual machine you just created and click settings.

Click on Storage.

Click on the CD icon. Then click on “Choose Virtual Optical Disk File…”

Locate the Ubuntu Server file that you downloaded and open it.

Click OK.

Select your virtual machine again and press Start.

Select your language.

Select your keyboard layout. Then click Done

Press Enter.

Click Done.

Click Done.

Click “Use An Entire Disk”.

Click Enter.

Click Done.

Select “Continue” and press Enter.

Enter the details you want the server to have and press Done.

Select Reboot Now.

Close the window.

Select “Power off the machine”


You are done!

Now just select the virtual machine and click start to start it!

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