FiveM Server Creator (automatically create a FiveM server)

FiveM Server Creator (automatically create a FiveM server)

If you are tired of running commands, creating folders reading wiki pages but still want to  run a FiveM server then this tutorial is for you. We will use a FiveM Server creator program that is super simple.

Let’s get started.

Don’t want to host the server on your own computer? Check out Zap-Hosting (the official FiveM host) and use code Leyer-a-7753 for 10% off. Werbebanner

Required programs

You will need to download FiveM Server Creator here:

Extract the download

To start the FXServer Creator you need to extract the files from the downloaded .zip. To do this simply  right click on the folder and choose “Extract All…” 

Start the program

Open  the new folder that was created when you extracted the files. Go to “FXServer Creator” and double click on FXServer.exe.

Customize the settings and add a license

Server Folder Name:

Enter a folder name for your server. NO SPACES IN THE NAME! E.g. MyFivemServer NOT My FiveM Server

Server Port:

Only for advanced  users, do not change this.

Server  ScriptHookV (1  means enabled):

Enable or disable client-sided scripts. (Allow  players  to run  own scripts).

Server  Name:

The name of the server that will appear in the server browser (spaces are allowed here).

Server Max Clients (32 by default):

If you want more than 32 clients  you need a paid license. To avoid paying, leave this at 32 or set it lower.

Server License Key:

To get a Server License Key you need to sign up at

When signed in press on “New”.

You will be redirected to a new page. 

Enter a “Label” (an internal name for you).

Enter your IP address, you can find  it on this page:

Under “Server type” enter  “Other” if you are hosting this on your own computer.

Click on “Generate”.

Copy the license key and paste it in the FXServer Creator.

Click on “Create Server”.

Start the server

You find your server under C:\”YourServerName”.

Open  the folder and scroll down to “runserver.bat”.

Double click on “runserver.bat” to start the server.

Your server is on!

To make the server public (allow people outside of your network to connect) you will need to portforward.

Please see this tutorial to portforward: Werbebanner

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